Sales Exe F.5, 2-5yrs Sales exp in Copy Machine, Gd Eng, 5D(KC) 10-14k(W)
Sales Exe F.5, 1-4yrs Sales exp in Electronic Component, Outdoor Sales 10-13k+C(W)
Sales Exe F.5, 2-5yrs Sales exp in Lighting Control 14-18k(W)
Food Sales Mgr F.5, 3yrs exp in sales of food & beverage(CW/KC) 13-18k+C(H)
Mktg Mgr Dip, 3yrs exp in Mktg, gd Eng, 5D(MK) 30-50k(H)
Asst/S&M Mgr U, 5yrs exp in pdt development & watch (OEM) project, 5D (KF) 25-30k(H)
Sales Exe Dip+in S&M, 1-2 yrs rel exp in Toys(must), Gd Eng&Mand(KT) 11-14k(L)
Sales Engr U in IT/EE, 2yrs rel exp in WiFi, Wireless Broadband&Digital Signage, Gd Eng (Kln Bay) 15k+(L)
Sales Exe F.5+, 2yrs exp in Mobile Accessories/AV/sell to big retail, Gd Eng&Mand (TW) 12k+(L)
Sales Mgr U in Chem, 8yrs rel exp in costing, tech development (KC) 25-35k(L)
Sr Sales Mgr HD/U in Fashion, 10yrs rel exp in sweater, strong client network in USA&EEC (KT) 50k(L)
Sales Exe F.5+, 5yrs rel exp in toys, China mkt, Gd Eng&Mand (TW) 15-20k(L)
Asst Sales Mgr F,7, 5yrs exp in sweater, Gd Eng/Putonghua(China) 18-28k+C(H)
Sr Mkty Exe/Sr Sales Engr Dip, 2yrs in plastic/electronic parts exp, 5D(KC) 18-25k(O)
Sales Exe Dip, 2yrs exp in Sales&Mktg of fine jewelry industry, 5D(HH) 18-27k(O)
Sales Exe F.5, 3yrs+sales exp in Lighting prduct, 5D (KT) 15-20k(B)
Sales Exe F.5+3yrs exp in Optical Mfg exp, 5D (KT) 18k(B)
Sales Exe F.5, 3yrs exp in building material with local Mkt (KC) 13-15k(B)
Sales Exe F.5, 2-5yrs sales exp, Flu Japanese, 5D, (TST) 10-15k(W)