Merchandising & QC @
Merch F.5, 3-5yrs Hard goods Household exp, 5D(TST) 13-16k(W)
Yarn Coor F.5, 3-8yrs Yarn/Sweater exp, Supv China Team, Eng/Mand(KT) 10-15k(W)
AM/Merch F.5, 2-6yrs exp in Woven Ladies High Fashion, 5D(SPK) 10-16k(W)
Fabric Merch 3yrs exp, with exp in handle woven/knit fabric (KT) 12-22k(H)
AM/M/SM F5, 3yrs exp in lingerie/brassiere/sleepwear,5D(KC/KT) 11-25k(H)
Sr Technician TI/Poly grad, 8yrs exp in fitting/pattern/grad/pdtn (China) 30-45k(H)
Merch F.7, exp in handle US Mkt for electronic/plastic toys(HH) 15-18k(H)
Sales Mgr TI/POL, 5yrs exp in moven, Japanese Level2, 5D(China) 25-30k(H)
Technical Engr U, 8yrs exp in gmt construction/fitting/pattern making/grading (China) 30-40k(H)
Asst Merch Mgr F.7, 5yrs exp in jacket(Down/Padded/Tape Seam)(China) 25-30k(H)
QA Mgr U, 3yrs exp in toys QA Mgr, (station in China) 25-35k(H)
Technical Mgr U in textile, 8yrs exp with strong fabric technical (China) 30-45k(H)
Technical Mgr TI/POLY, 8yrs exp in pdtn/fitting/measurement grading(KF) 30-35k(H)
Merch F.5, 3yrs exp in sweater, Japanese level 3 (KT) 18-25k(H)
Mktg Exe F.5, know in plastic parts/tooling/electronic pdt, Japanese level 1 (KC/China) 18-25k(H)
Merch/M Mgr F.5, 3yrs exp in footwear, gd Eng, 5.5D(Alt) (WC) 15-32k(H)
Sr Merch F.5, 5yrs in sweater with mfg, Japan mkt, JLPT1, Gd Eng, Mand&Japan (KT) 20-25k(L)
Asst Merch Mgr U in Clothing, 5-8yrs rel exp in sweater with mfg, USA&EEC mkt, Gd Eng&Mand (KT) 25-35k(L)
Merchandiser F.5, 3yrs exp in sweater with mfg, USA or EEC mkt (LCK) 13-16k(L)
Sourcing Mgr U/Dip in Textile, 10yrs rel exp in fabric sourcing in Asian, Strong fabric tech/apparel pdtn (Kln Bay) 30-40k(L)
Merch/Sr Merch F.5, 2yrs in Gmt Accessories exp, Follow up order (KC) 14-22k(O)
Merch/Sr Merch F.7/HD+, 3yrs in Sundries with US Mkt exp, 5D(WC) 20-22k(B)
Merch F.5, 3yrs exp in Gmt Accessories/Trims, 5D (CW) 13-18k(W)
Asst QA Mgr Cert (Dip)/U, 5-10 yrs QAex[,3 consumer Electronic Ptd, Station PRC 25-30k(W)
Sr Merch F.5, 6-10 yrs footwear exp (WC) 18-26k(W)
Asst Merch F.5, 2-5yrs woven/knit exp (KT) 10-12k(W)